Mother and child Nutrition


About Mother and Child Nutrition

Time-saving diets that come with healthy recipes, both the child and the mother can enjoy too. The diet plan not only helps the mother to lose weight but also planned in a way that the meal caters to all the essential nutrients needed for the growth and recovery of the child. Every mother wants the best for her child and in the process, we make sure the diets are time-saving and can be an add-on bonus.

A healthy diet helps children to grow and adapt to things faster. Mainly avoid childhood obesity or childhood malnutrition. It is also important for the child to love what they eat and hence we have interesting and delicious recipes to ensure following a healthy diet does not become boring and tiring for the parents to prepare as with the child you can enjoy the recipes too.

We focus on the 4 mantras of life –

  • Good Sleep
  • Holistic Nutrition
  • Adequate Exercise
  • Mindful Eating

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