Body Transformation Program

  1. Customized dietary regimes tailored for individuals striving for exceptional results.
  2. Our program is meticulously crafted to promote muscle gain, body fat reduction, and overall body toning.
  3. Ideal for those adhering to a structured training program.
  4. Easy, healthy and sports nutrition-specific diet plans, designed to align with your goals and training routine.

Diet Program Features

Transition seamlessly to healthier eating patterns with diets tailored to replicate your current habits but in a more nourishing way.

Benefit from personalized diet plans based on blood tests, gut- health, food preferences, meal timings, health conditions, lifestyle factors, and exercise intensity, ensuring optimal results.

Engage in our active Dedicated WhatsApp group for daily diet journal tracking, motivational messages, and weekend guides, fostering a supportive environment.

Comprehensive body measurement chart to record at the beginning of the program and every 15 days thereafter. This helps closely monitor the results and track progress effectively.

Every two weeks detailed conversation with our Nutritionist to adjust your plans as per your preference and results.

Get prompt responses to any doubts or queries, with ongoing support from Natasha and our team committed to client’s success.

Personalised workout guidance, as per your body type, goals, physical limitations and flexibility as a part of the program

Complementary Health Kits

Included with the diet program is a Health Kit, which provides three essential guides that ensures you enjoy a balanced lifestyle, even while dining out or travelling and cultivate sustainable healthy habits for a lifetime.

🛒 Multicuisine Restaurant Guide

Eating healthy shouldn't feel restrictive. Our guide provides detailed cuisine-by-cuisine recommendations, ensuring a balance between enjoyment and nutrition. You can dine out guilt-free with customized suggestions for various cuisines like Asian, Mughlai, Thai, Chinese, Mediterranean, Italian, Mexican, and more.

🛒 Travel & Restaurant Guide

For busy professionals constantly on the move, we offer proactive support. Our Travel Guide includes pre-planned healthy options and a Hotel Diet, empowering you to make informed choices and avoid unhealthy temptations while traveling.

🛒 Eat-Smart Guides

Our approach to dieting emphasizes long-term health maintenance. Beyond the~ program, our Eat-Smart Guide equips you with daily strategies and insights into food groups, ensuring you continue to make smart choices and maintain your well-being throughout life.


Diet Plans


Happy Clients





Features of the Program  –

Health - Kit


Diet Plans


Happy Clients




Years of experience

  1. A Clinical Nutritionist or a Sports Nutritionist is assigned to you based on your goals.
  2. We form a WhatsApp group with the Senior Nutritionist and Dedicated Nutritionist.
  3. A welcome email is sent, which contains a lifestyle assessment sheet, a progress tracker, a photo tracker, and a list of blood tests that needs to be done.
  4. Once we receive the documents, we schedule the first round of in-depth consultation.
  5. Diet is planned post the consultation, non-app generated diet plans, tailored to match your nutritional needs.
  6. Weekly check-ins and every 15 days – call/ one- on-one consultation with Nutritionist (Session update)

Diets features

  • Replica of your current eating patterns – just modified into a healthier version
  • Customized diet plans as per your blood test, food preference, timings, lifestyle and behavioral eating patterns and workout intensity.
  • Active WhatsApp group with Daily diet journal tracking, Monday motivation message, Weekend guides, etc.
  • Diet update every 15 days based on the progress (progress tracker) and after consultation
  • Daily clarifications to doubts & queries and active follow- up
  • Natasha & Team will ensure you have constant support & Motivation and your goal is our goals
— If they can do it, you can do it too! —

Our Transformations

Select Your Plan

1 Month

Premium Program
  • 1 Welcome call with Natasha
  • 2 Consultation calls with Natasha
  • 2 Customized diet plans
  • 4 Follow ups & Reminders in a week
  • 1 Restaurant Guide
  • 2 Progress tracker
  • 2 Travel Guide & Diet
  • 1 Maintenance Kit

3 Months

Premium Program
  • 1 Welcome call with Natasha
  • 6 Consultation calls with Natasha
  • 6 Customized diet plans
  • 6 Follow ups & Reminders in a week
  • 1 Multi-cuisine Restaurant Guide
  • 1 Progress tracker
  • 2 Travel Guide & Diet
  • 1 Maintenance Kit

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