Apple Beetroot Carrot Juice [ABC Juice]

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Have you heard about ABC juice? It is considered as a miracle juice as it can treat many health conditions. Apple, beetroot and carrot are individually super healthy for our body. When consumed together in a combination, it can do wonders to our body. This juice can boost our overall health and can keep health conditions at bay.

Few benefits of consuming ABC juice daily:

  • Helps in Weight Loss: This is a low-cal drink hence is apt for people who are on weight loss journey. This juice is high in fiber hence it helps stay full for a longer period of time and reduces extra snacking.
  • Acts as a Body Detoxifier: It helps in detoxifying organ and flushing out toxins from the vital organs like liver, kidneys and intestine. It also helps in purification of blood by eliminating toxins from the body
  • Superfood for skin: It can give you flawless and glowing skin if consumed regularly. It helps in reducing acne, pimples, blemishes and skin inflammation. It Vitamin A and beta-carotene content acts as a good antioxidant and prevents skin from pre-mature aging.
  • Keeps Heart Healthy: The beta-carotene and lutein content of this juice helps in maintaining a good heart health. They have a good amount of carotenoids which keeps cholesterol levels and blood pressure under control
  • Good for Eyes: The Vitamin A content of this juice prevents our eyes from getting tired and dry. Regular consumption can also improve eyesight.
  • Immunity Booster: This juice is power-packed with many micronutrients which is great for overall health and boosts immunity

It is important to consume the juice on a regular basis to reap out maximum benefits. Also make sure that you don’t strain the juice as it will remove the fiber content of the juice and thus decreases its nutritional value. As summers are approaching, it can be served chilled by adding a few ice cubes in it to get that soothing and cooling effect.

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