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Natasha Kanade

Clinical & Sports Nutrition Consultant & Lifestyle Coach

Transform with Natasha is a One – Stop Health center for Lifestyle Management Programs, Weight Loss, Weight Gain, PCOS, Diabetes, Anxiety, Thyroid, Athletics  Sports Nutrition, Detoxification, Hair and Skin Enrichment, Pregnancy, Kids Health, etc.

Welcome to TWN

A Clinical & Sports Nutrition consultant & Lifestyle Coach brings about a wave in the traditional diet programs. Their programs are the modern-day go-to solution for any health-related issues. It caters to the increasing need for tailored feasible diet plans that not only help you lose weight and tone your body but also work on improving your health and overall fitness levels. It is significant to understand what works the best for you and then follow any particular program.

Transform with Natasha ( TWN ) is one-stop health & weight-loss center for the ones who have always wanted to bring a change in their physique. An online-based platform inspires people of all age groups to not just work on their health & fitness but also a complete lifestyle transformation with a modern touch.

Besides this, Natasha’s social media platforms and online portal transformwithnatasha, encourages people to work on their health in simple layman’s terms and gives several health advice daily. A Travel-guide, Restaurant-guide, Eat-smart –guide come as an accessory with the programs. That means you can travel, go out to restaurants and still manage to eat healthily and stay fit.

Moreover, her programs differ from person to person and customize each diet plan after understanding a person’s eating pattern, sleeping time, working hours, religious preference, and medical history. This enables a person to follow the program religiously and sustain the diet plan for a long time, thus embracing the much-needed transformation.

Apart from this, Natasha had a personal encounter with an auto-immune disorder called Alopecia. Overcoming the disorder, she then walked on the path of health and fitness as she swears by the fact that it can reverse major health issues. Working on her overall body transformation, Natasha has indeed brought a terrific change in her lifestyle.

While working on improving herself, Natasha’s experience with her health has helped her to understand her body patterns in a better way. Today the nutrition consultant very well understands a person’s struggles, and she makes it a point to ensure that her programs will always be a guide to all her clients for a lifetime.

 The Programs primary focus is to work on the 5 Key to a healthy life:

Healthy Diet


Adequate Water Intake

Good Sleep

Stress Management


Diet Plan


Happy Clients




Years of Practice

It’s a lifestyle 


for all.


Diet Plan


Happy Clients